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Correct debugging of dual power automatic transfer switch?

Speaking of how to properly debug the dual power automatic transfer switch? Many users are not very familiar, follow us today to learn together! First cut off the front-end switch appliances of the two power supply lines of the dual-power automatic transfer switch to ensure that all the power supply circuit breaker ports in the switch box box are all disconnected; switch the standby side switch appliances in the distribution box into use and then start Standby power supply, verify that the dual power automatic switch normally starts the engine port, and after the engine runs normally, turn off the circuit breaker of the engine air switch and its internal power supply control cabinet in order.

During the start-up operation of the backup power supply, real-time monitoring of the engine side is required, and the current and voltage are adjusted according to the load changes in a timely manner, and timely processing is performed when abnormalities are found.

After the normal power supply is restored to normal power supply (here is a preview of the processing method to restore the power supply after the normal common power outage), it is necessary to prepare for the switch back to the normal power supply in the first time, in order to prepare for the circuit switching in time.

Under abnormal circumstances, professional and technical personnel are required to perform the switching operation on the site. The switch knife of the switch should not be operated with too much force or too fast when switching. After the debugging of the dual power automatic transfer switch is completed, first confirm that the two power supplies are turned off. After that, disconnect the power supply cables on both the common and standby sides.
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